Port Security

The Company Security Officer’s position can be multifaceted and often security may not be their primary function. A Company Security Officer is designated under the ISPS Code to perform duties and responsibilities with respect to the security of a Ship, for ensuring the development, implementation, maintenance and updating of a Ship Security Plan and for liaising with Ship Security Officers (SSOs) and with Port Facility Security Officers (PFSOs).

M&M Maritime Security with its extensive knowledge of the ISPS Code, can work in a supporting role to assist CSOs in all aspects of ISPS compliance. M&M Maritime Security vast experience can help CSOs expedite progress through the rigorous requirements of the ISPS Code including the development, implementation and maintenance phases (including training, drills and exercises).

M&M Maritime Security took a leading role in last year ISPS Level 2 exercise (2013) that was organised by Port of Amsterdam, Passenger Terminal Amsterdam and AIDA Kreuzfahrten. During this exercise M&M Maritime Security deployed 25 security officers and was in charge of coordinating a 20 man division of the Dutch Army. M&M Maritime Security can organize any ISPS exercise, from table top till mayor port security exercises.